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Here are two games I have spent some time trying to figure out.



This game keeps track of what level you completed. I have only made it to level 38.

2D Gridlock



This game requires Flash. I wish I could jump as high as this character.

3D Gridlock

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I'm up to level 25 on the 2d game. My nuclear engineer brother is up to 39 (he really had to beat your 38).


I beat the 3d game, I think. You get to a jail cell in the end, and as far as I can tell that's it. Not so much of an "escape." There's also a really, really easy way to beat it, which you're bound to find, but that way's not much fun.

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Though I got stuck on a few levels, I finally made it to 38 and can't get out (2dgame). Need to walk away from it for a while.

EDITED: made it through 38 and 39 is a real nasty one.

EDITED AGAIN: WHOO WHOO :( . Made it through 40. Addictive!


Kevan... really wish you hadn't posted this one!!!


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:D I was wondering about the jail cell on the 3D game. I kept thinking there was some object or something I didn't pick up that was used to get you out of the jail. I gave it up after that.


I find the 2d more fun though. Yes, addicting sometimes.



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