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Moving A Site To Tch


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I'm helping a business get their site redesigned and live on the web. I've recommended them to use your services because I have been using you guys for years and am extremely satisfied.


They have the following:

  • a website
  • a domain name, which I registered for them

I will be installing the site for them, but after that, they will be managing it themselves. There shouldn't be changes to the website itself, but I'm concerned about the domain name renewals every year, as I plan on transferring the ownership to them once the redesign is complete. I'm afraid they may forget or disregard reminder emails.


So my question is this - does TCH have a service where the domain is transferred to the business owners name, but TCH monitors and pays the renewal fees, and then bills the hosting account holder automatically in the hosting invoice?


Thanks in advance,


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To ease the pain of renewal, a good plan for a domain name is to register it for the max period of time. At TCH it's 10 years, so at least for that long you don't have to worry about it. I don't know what to tell you about that 10 year mark - hopefully by then the business is successful enough that they can afford to pay someone to keep track of that sort of thing.


If this person is a client or friend of yours, why not just keep the domain name yourself and send them the bill? You know that these things expire, it's no big deal to renew them, and it builds good relations. I do that for quite a few people that don't care to learn about how this stuff works. No money off it, but good karma.


Hosting you can only pay a year at a time. You can put it on auto-renew, and as long as there's a valid card it will renew. Paypal never expires, just have to make sure there's money in there. There's only so much you can do though.


One might suggest that if someone is responsible enought to own a business, they are responsible enough to pay the bills and read email. But then I'm no businessman.

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why not just keep the domain name yourself and send them the bill?

Sounds like a winner to me.


If that's not possible, then set it in your reminders to contact them about it annually.

Can their accounting system be set for an annual renewal reminder? Some can. Then reminder emails would not be an issue.

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Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, there are several reasons stopping me from going the routes advised. Bottom line, I'm done doing freelance contracts, so I want to end all services. This would just be one more thing for me to manage and potentially forget.




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