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My Thoughts Of Tch

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You wouldn’t know it by my post count, but I have been with TCH for over three years. In this time I have gotten to know my host quite well. As such, I have decided to give my opinion of TCH.


Let’s start from the top of the heap. Bill; the owner, head guru and king of the hill is about the most up front guy I have met. He is honest and willing to bend over backwards for his family members (customers). While I have not always seen eye to eye with him, mostly from my own poor choices, he is someone I would want on my side.


The support staff; Dick, Tim, Vivek, you name them and you can count on getting top notch service. These guys are ready and willing day or night to assist with any issue you might have. They always go above and beyond to resolve issues and do not seem happy unless you are. I have dealt with a great number of support places and am never disappointed if I need to call on TCH support.


The Moderators; all of these guys (and gal) have my respect. These folks volunteer to make sure the family is happy and gets the answers they need. If it is not server related, you can bet they have an answer for you. If not, they will find it for you or at the least assist you in locating one. Truly, a thankless job, these guys deserve a load of praise.


The servers and network; for the price, you are getting much more machine and network than you are paying for. Quad Xeons, multiple data centers, undersold servers and a great control panel are just the beginning. You get unlimited everything pretty much, lots of disk space and bandwidth and a selection of scripts and options that are second to none.


You would be hard pressed to find anything like this anywhere else for prices starting at just four dollars.


How do I know? I thought the grass was greener and found out first hand what I was missing. If you aren’t here yet, get in now. If you are, don’t even think about leaving. The world is not a nice place outside of here.


Thanks for putting up with me TCH.

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I couldn't agree more with your review. My mom was having some trouble with a site that TCH hosts for her business. At the first sign of trouble she said to me, "do we need to change hosts?" I looked at her like she was crazy.


"Mom," I said, "You're going to have occasional hardware or configuration troubles no matter where you host. That is just part of website hosting. The difference is that I know that TCH will fix the problems quickly, and will communicate with me in the process. So, under no circumstances are we going to change hosts!"


Trouble happens, but when there's trouble, there isn't a host that I trust more to fix it than Bill and his crew at TCH.

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