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Email Forwarding & Mailing List Not Working

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I manage a website for a rowing team. I've set up email accounts for each team member, forwarding to their personal email accounts. Sometimes forwarding function works, sometimes it doesn't. I've also set up a mailing list for the team (i.e., team@mywebsite.com), and it seems that I am the only one receiving messages.


Is this a recurring problem with the mail system?

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I did submit a ticket. The problem was fixed for only one day. The email and mailng list are not working again. I have reopened the ticket. Again.


I am using the mailing list function that is provided to us in Cpanel under the Mail menu.


As for the forwarders, are you saying that I just go directly to the Forwarders function in the Mail menu? Skip the create an account step? Why would this be any different? I host another website on TCH, and I have the same mail account setup/forwarding profiles in that account. I have not experienced any email problems with the other website in its 3 years.

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If the the email is to be forwarded to a lets say hotmailaccount, there is no need to set up a mailbox for it at your TCH account, just the forwarder. If you forward bob@mytchdomain.com to bob@somewhereelse.com, the address bob@mytchdomain.com is just as valid as if you had set up an account for it.

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