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Fp, Csb Or Tempates Express


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FrontPage came with my computer and despite it's best efforts, I did manage to get a few pages built & online. It was a struggle though.


I've read a little about CSB and wonder if it's easier to use. I've never been really happy with what I did using FP I think because the templates are primarily business related. I just didn't like any of them so used a blank template.


I'm not going to be building websites for anyone else but would like to make mine more appealing and professional looking.


I see that TCH offers Templates Express through Fantastico. Is it something that a "Tech Challenged" person can figure out?

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I would vote for the very easy to use CSB. If you know how to use Word, you will not have any problems with CSB. The best part with it is that with a tiny little html knowledge you can do much more with it than people think after looknig at it/using it for the very first time. And we do have several CSB users here ready to help. However, you should also read this post about CSB.


Template Express is something I haven´t looked at yet, so no opinion there.


Frontpage I have tried but didn´t like that much and when reading the posts about it here in the forum, it looks like there is more problems with it than joy.


Just my .02 cents.

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Thanks, Thomas!


I was aware of the impeding CSB demise. It seems like there will be quite a bit of support for the program though.


Now the question is whether it's worth the almost $70 to purchase if there won't be updates & bug fixes.


Since I haven't used it, I have no idea! Are there equally easy, good (or maybe better) programs available?

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