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Compatability Problems With Internet Explorer


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I am experiencing a very peculiar problem with Internet Explorer (latest edition) and Netscape 7.2.

My website in designed in Frontpage 2000, when uploaded all links and applets work fine when viewed using Netscape.

But when I navigate using IE, none of the hover buttons work or the links. The page load normaly, but can not active the hyperlinks or buttons.


What can be wrong here ? Why does my website work with one browser and not with the other ?


I am not an experienced web designer, so please take this into consideration when explaning a possible solution.


My website is www.montufarcpa.com. The english section of the site is not working yet, you will have to enter the spanish site, but the problem is evident from the first page


Any help will we greatly appreciated.





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Thanks for the advise.

The solution that I have found on the internet using image rollover are over my head since they require coding and I am not good at that.

There has to be maybe some sort of software solution to this problem from within IE.

Can it be that I am not configuring or setting up the pages properly ?

Should I reset server extentions ?


It is almost illogical for IE not to read a page created in Frontpage 2000 and in Netscape yes.


Are there any web utilities that can pinpoint the cause of troubles ?


Should I change web development software ?



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I visited both the English and Spanish sections, and the buttons appear to be working for me.


The thing with these newer updates for Internet Explorer is that it requires you to click-to-activate objects on a page.


So, what I had to do was click on each of your buttons, and then the roll overs worked.


The buttons are working fine. It's an issue with IE, not with frontpage.

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I was also amused that a FP file woulnd't appear in IE.


However, com693 is right, the problem on my end is simply that IE requires you to click on each button to "activate" it. This was an update that IE rolled out in the name of "security." They are the only browser that does it. The click is required to activate it because the action is embedded as an applet. If you were to do a normal javascript swapimage function, or a swapimagerestore function, you wouldn't see the problem, because you don't have to click to activate javascript in IE.


Dreamweaver has a couple of ways to set up rollover images using the swapimage javascript. You might check out a temporary download of Dreamweaver to see if it meets your needs.


Good luck!

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The problem appears to be with http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/Intro_es.html page only.

Even if I click each hover button it does not activate the hyperlink, the colors change but thats it. The amazing thing is that every other page in my site that contains hover buttons for example http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/servicios.htm work fine using IE.


This is starting to get frustrating.


There has to be something wrong in the main menu page http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/Intro_es.html. Can someone confirm me that the hover buttons in this specific page are working fine ?

Could it be that some how I have deactivated or set some parameter wrong on that page? I am using IE version 6.0.2800.1106


Thanks to all for the time taken in helping me out.



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The first link page you posted in the above post I have to click on the button twice to get to contacto page and the page above, so it does appear ti be working in IE as it should. The image roll overs need to be activated to get them to work by clicking on each button.

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On http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/Intro_es.html no hover buttons work in IE, no matter how much I am clicking on them after IE´s warning shows up.


On all the other pages, they work fine.


Just as a test I would copy one of the working horizontal menus, paste it in to the non working page, replace the links and the text on the buttons to the correct, but leave all other code as it is and see what happens.

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Sorry for not replying earlier, but I was waiting reply from a couple of friends who are testing also. They say that they have not found any problems with the buttons while using IE.

I have disabled the firewall and nothing in that page works. The wierd thing is that the hover buttons in other pages do work fine. Why do they work in this one and not in the other ?


I think that the only logical explanation is that there is some setting or parameter that is causing the conflict between my browser and the webpage.


I am going to copy one of the working buttons into this page to see if they work.


It looks like you and me are the only ones experiencing this problem.




A few questions I have forgotten to ask.


Is it only in your IE it doesn´t work or have you tried it on a friends machine too?

What firewall do you run?

Does it work when the firewall is disabled?

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None of the buttons work or show graphics on either of the pages in IE for me. Are your friends running the same version of IE as you? I have the version 7 beta on my computer here at work and it doesn't work at all on your site. Maybe they have version 6?


In Firefox everything works fine.

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When I first loaded the page http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/Intro_es.html into IE 6, the buttons on the right side did not load. I got the JAVA (little coffe cup logo) instead.


Then I refreshed and all the blue rollover buttons loaded properly and worked well.


Could the error be related to JAVA needing to be updated on your machine?

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