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Optical Illusions


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Dont know about you Guys but i think optical illusions are fab :no2:


look at this one, its a non-color photo, but do as your told and it will turn into a colour photo! theres even a link on how to make your own..


have fun :dance:


check it out - big spanish castle

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Hmmmm, something must be wrong, because I don't have to stare at it, I just move my mouse over it, and it changes to black and white :D It's colored when I linked to it.

It's supposed to do that. You stare at it (in color, but a negative version of the original) and without moving your eyes you move the mouse over it. At that point it turns black and white (as you discovered), but the illusion is that the image appears to be in color. It'll look like it's in color until you move your eyes, at which point it reverts to the black and white image.

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