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Using Static Wp Page As Home Page...


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Considering using WP for my professional writing Web site, but would prefer that the "home" page of the site NOT be the blog.


Is there a way for a techno-gimp to do this in WP -- have a static home page while the dynamic blog page gets included in the navigation?



Tom Chandler

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Tom, if you use fantastico to install WP

you will be prompted for a folder to install in

Then you can have an index.html page in your root folder (public_html)

with a link to the WP folder.




Considered that, but then the "home" page isn't part of the navigation of the rest of the site (which will include a fair number of static WP pages in addition to the dynamic blog page). Unless someone comes up with a better solution, I may just go ahead and create a search-engine friendly "home" page (html) in the root, and then re-use that content in another "home" page on the blog site. Not exactly seamless, but...


Thanks for the suggestion, it pushed me a little farther down that path. Still hoping somebody comes with a trick fix tho... 8-)




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I haven´t tried/tested it myself (so I don´t know if/how it works), but perhaps this is what you are looking for.



Thanks. I looked on the Codex, but wasn't using the right search terms. I understood a good 20% of that, but the Filosofo plug-in looks like just what the doctor ordered!


You guys have answers for everything. Even if I didn't need it I'd pay for a TCH package just to have access to this forum.. 8-)

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No problem. ;)


Actually I just happened to stumble on that page when I visited the wp codex some time ago. Otherwise I wouldn´t have known about it myself. :)


Just a followup on this thread; I've located a couple of plug-ins that seem to do the job, though I've come to prefer the Filosofo version because it allows you to designate a static home page while still retaining the blog page as part of the site. Handy, though I've discovered that not all themes play nice with it; sometimes there are cosmetic weirdnesses.




The Semilogic plugin looks easier to use (haven't tried it) but requires a bit of a workaround to retain the blog page (assuming you do). If you simply want to use WordPress as a static CMS without a blog, then try this one...




Thanks for the help!


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