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Gallery 2 problem


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I have not used this one part of my website in a few months, and now I believe since they upgraded the version of PHP on the servers I get the following message on my pages and I was wondering if any one knows how to get it to stop comming ip.


Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference


I have found this topic about this issue but I can not figure out how to make those changes so that it will not display that message. If anyone has any idea can you please let me know.


I get "Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in ", what's wrong?

Most probably you are running PHP 4.4.0+ and use the PHP Zend Optimizer (see phpinfo). This is a Zend Optimizer bug. See http://gallery.menalto.com/node/36605#comment-133101 for some explanations.


Solution: Use a newer Zend Optimizer version, e.g. ZendOptimizer-2.6.2 or later versions.


If you run PHP 4.4.0 but don't use the Zend Optimizer, then most probably you're using a G2 version which is older than G2 Beta 4. You should upgrade to the latest stable release of G 2.0.


If you or your host is unwilling to disable or upgrade the Zend Optimizer to a fixed version or change the PHP version, there's a workaround (solution discovered by Mark Scott, 13/10/2005, "I've found that removing optimization pass 1 removes the notices caused by optimizing away the variable that should be referenced and returned.") In php.ini replace:




You can also just suppress all PHP warnings but there's no guarantee that G2 actually works as expected:


/* in index.php, main.php and install/index.php */

error_reporting(E_ALL &~ (E_NOTICE | E_WARNING));

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