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Cuteftp, And Passwords

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I have been sorting out my passwords, usernames, ID, etc. using this neat program I got, from someone here :D


Well I started to add the passwords for CuteFTP, from my 'Site Manager' when I add them I check it out, to make sure they work, and I noticed that the passwords I had for them didn't work. so I tried the passwords, that were for the cPanel, and that worked, Good, because I never thought about that.


But! something isn't right, when I click on one of the sites, and click on properties, and in the comment area, I had put in my password, in case I would forget it, well the password I had in there was 8 character, and (The big black dots, that make up the password, there were 8 of them) but the password that works from the cPanel, is 9 character, so it still must have the old password for my sites in FTP :)


Would anyone have any idea


Does this makes sense??

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Hi Lorraine,


Under the site properties for the domain, then for 'Host Address', do you have an IP address, or domain name? If it is IP address, put in the domain name instead (such as abc.com).


When I hosted this domain for you, it had a 8 character password, but yes, your password here at TCH is 9 characters. If CuteFTP was accessing it via IP address, you were then viewing it from my server, (as I have not removed it from it yet) :) .


Lorraine and I have been buddies :D for years, that's why I know all this of her :eek:

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Hi Tom, :D


I thought it might have had something to do with the moving, that's why I didn't e-mail you about it.


I sent a screen shot, it's much easer then trying to explain :eek:


* Boy!, what would I ever do with out my Screen Shots*


Thanks a bunch :)

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