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Dear TCH family,


I hope you don't think this is spamming the forums, but you guys (in the generic) have become a second family to me, so I wanted to let you know that my father, Nels Frank Pehrson, passed away yesterday at his home. His death was expected, but was still difficult.


For those of you who are interested, you can find his obituary and funeral information in today's Deseret Morning News or Salt Lake Tribune. The information is also published on my blog: http://blog.paulpehrson.com


Thank you for your support and prayers. I probably won't be around in the forums much over the next few days.

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Paul, I'm sorry to hear of your loss of your father. Good luck in the next few days, especially with all the organizing of the services. I hope that your family and friends can come together to bring each other support and much love. Be well.



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Oh Paul, I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers during this difficult time. May our Lord and Savior sustain you.

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Hi Paul,


I am sorry to hear of the loss of your father. It is always difficult to lose a family member but particularly a parent. My best to you and your family during the days and weeks ahead.



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Paul, I am sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers.

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes and prayers. I feel your support, and I firmly believe that I feel the effects of your prayers and other sentiments. I feel like I've been uplifted and helped through this week.


Tonight we had a public viewing at the funeral home. I don't know what the tradition is in other locations, but in our culture, there is an open-casket viewing the night before the funeral where family and friends can come greet the family at the funeral home and get a chance to chat with the remaining family members. It was a wonderful evening, and I'll be darned if I wasn't floored to discover an astonishingly beautiful arrangement of flowers sent to the funeral home, and signed "Your friends and family at TotalChoice Hosting."


My wife brought me the card to show me, and then took me over to see the absolutely breathtaking arrangement of irises, white roses, and other flowers that I don't know the names of. My wife took a picture of the flowers, and I'll post the picture to the forums after things settle down a little bit here. (If I forget to post a picture within a week, somebody give me a gentle reminder. I really want you all to see them. They are amazing.)


I couldn't go to bed tonight until I'd taken a chance to come online to my online family and thank you for your thoughts, and prayers, as well as the gorgeous flowers.


I am still amazed that you were so kind and generous. I've been to a lot of companies that talk about how you are one of the family. But this is the first time a company has shown it at a time that really mattered.


I'm humbled and grateful. I'd spend more time online tonight, but I'm giving the life sketch at the funeral tomorrow, and it isn't finished yet, and it's almost midnight my time, so I have to run.


Again, thank you. You are a wonderful family. I hope you don't think I'm sappy (but sappiness is allowed at times like these...), but I really do love you guys (in the generic :clapping: ). I'm feel lucky to be a part of this online family.


Paul (and Christina Pehrson and extended family)

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