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Smf Question


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I love SMF, so far so good.


The question I have is this. Is there any way to turn off that notice that lets you know someone has replied while you posted? I know most people don't care to preview their posts first.


Any way to turn the notice off? I can't find how if there is.

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Thanks Don. It was staring me right in the face and I still didn't see it.


I got a dumb question, but I'm going to post it anyway's. Any way to stay in the topic after they post? As it is right now, after they hit post, they're sent back to the list of topics, instead of staying right inside the one they posted in.

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Hi Betty,


Click on 'Profile' at the top of the SMF forum. Then click on 'Look and Layout Preferences' - now look at the list under Time Offset - make sure the box 'Return to topics after posting by default' is ticked.


This seems to work for me - the 'Return to this topic' under Additional Options always seems to be ticked.


Hope this is helpful. :surrender:



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