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Installing Smf


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Some people shouldn't be allowed to have websites but since I do, I have questions. ;)


After reading about the security issues with IPB 1.2, reading posts about SMF and checking out the features, I'd like to give it a try.


I got to the download page before I ran into a problem. :P Which file, zip tar.gz or tar.bz2, do I want to download and can it be downloaded to TCH or do I need to download/upload it from my computer?


How big is it?


Does it go in the public_html folder?



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Stop right there! Take your hands AWAY from the keyboard!


LOL! Just kidding.


Did you know that there is a one-click installer for SMF in Fantastico?


Log in to your account's cPanel, and click on the Fantastico icon. (The happy blue face.)


Look for "discussion boards". The only item is SMF. Click SMF. The SMF-specific info will come up on the right-hand side of the screen. The words "New Installation" are a link. They take care of all the hard work for you!!! ;) CLick on "New Installation" to have SMF installed on your account.


Next you'll have to decide where you want to install it, and it is a good practice to create it in a subdirectory on your site. You might have it in a "forum" subdirectory. This subdirectory shouldn't exist, as it will be created by the installer.


Enter the other options as you desire. Then click the "Install SMF" button.


On the next screen, read the information. Then click the "Finish Installation" button.


On the next screen, click the link to the admin area of your forum. Once in your admin area, bookmark the page, so you can get back to it easily.


Now you need to update your forum, because the latest fantastico version isn't the most up-to-date one.


To do that, look for the red banner in your admin area. It warns you that you should update your site. Click the "Update your forum" link.


There will be some files that aren't writable. But SMF will FTP to your site, and update the files. You need to enter your cPanel password in the field on that page so SMF can FTP the information to your site. So scroll down, enter your cPanel password in the blank field, and click the Proceed button.


A list of updated files will be shown. Click the "proceed" link at the bottom of the list, and you are done.


Now you have the most recent version of SMF installed and running on your site.


Good luck!!

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You're welcome.


Somebody else will have to give you help on importing your IPB posts into SMF. I'm not actually an SMF user, and I've never done an IPB --> SMF import.


But good luck. I'm glad you got the board running.

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< i./ ju$t [can't : ^ type.+. c0de]>




.....so I bailed on the SMF and purchased the IBP upgrade. I'm a wimp, I know, but wanted to regrow the hair I lost while trying to get the board moved. :lol: Also, ya'll scared me with security talk concerning 1.2 so I thought it would provide better security faster to let IBP to an upgrade.


I like IPB's feature of being able to add logos, buttons... and ...stuff... from the admin panel. It's still "geeklish" but seems more organized but then I'm more familiar with it...


I'll still tinker with the SMF board, though!

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You can? I ran a 1.3 version of IPB and had to edit the template to change the logo and add other links.


I should have worded that differently. I still had to edit script but could do it in the admin panel. I'm still trying to figure the new version out. I can't seem to change the logo even following the directions on the IBP Knowledge Base. Haven't begun to figure out buttons...

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I never make files writable on the server through the admin panel. I always make changes on my PC and FTP the changes to the server.


I had no idea how to do that when I first started the board. I was lucky to get the changes made at all!


I've made a bit of progress and have figured out how to add emoticons & my logo via ftp.... now I've got to wrestle the buttons around.


After several attempts at changing the logo via the "easy logo changer" :blink: , I finally just changed the name of the IBP logo then loaded my logo with it's old name. I think I'll probably do that with the buttons too unless there is a better way.


Is there? :blush:

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