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Does Total Choice use any sort of cache for the content served from its servers?


If there is a cache, is there any way to flush it and ensure the latest version from the server is served?


How can I tell what version of content was delivered for a request? I'd like to be able to confirm that for a request that was made, the latest version was provided by the total choice hosting server. This would help me isolate a problem I'm having with content served appears to be an old version.


Any thoughts?





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Welcome to the forums Robert.


There is no caching servers at TCH that I am aware of. There could be caching servers through your ISP though.


Any changes I make to any of the web sites I maintain are displayed as soon as they are changed.

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You will need to do what I do when making sure something new is being displayed. Normally in the html code, which is included in the page but not displayed I place some kind of dynamic output which I know is fresh or new or unique, then I can find out where and what is going wrong.


Like Bruce says, its most likely to be a ISP cache. Try on friends computer or a local library one



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