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I am wanting to be sure my site is as hard to disrupt as possible. This is for reasons I will not elaborate on here. It's just a little piddly personal site, but all help will be appreciated as always. ;)

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I would suggest the obvious things be done first. Make sure you are running the latest versions of any forums, scripts, etc. Also, make sure your directories are not wide open for anyone to change.

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The short answer is simply only install what you really need. Don't go plugin/mod crazy unless you really need them, they are there to boost your security, or you really understand what they do. If you don't need certain functions turn them off. Also, always keep your software up to date. Many software providers have websites and even mailing lists to notify you of new updates that may contain security fixes... this is probably the biggest key when using popular packages like phpBB, because when exploits are found, hacks for them spread quickly. If you're extra paranoid, you may want to self-install and upgrade the packages instead of always relying on the installers we provide, since it takes a little time after a release for the packages to be setup in the installers due to the testing needed, although those still usually come out pretty quickly.


The more involved answer includes things like not allowing uploads, don't make your configurations web editable (like Wordpress you can make many of your files world editable so you can change them in the web interface... don't do that, make your changes through file manager or keep a copy local and ftp them up when you need to change things).


Those in general will cover the majority of what you need. Your site is only as secure as the software you run on it.

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