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Anyone Have A Life Vest?


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TCH has already gone above & beyond for me and the efforts are very much appreciated!


I need more advice though.....


I'm still trying to transfer my old files including an IBP forum and a Photopost gallery to TCH.


I connect to my current host via SSH.


I have SmartFTP to connect to my website housed at my ISP.


TCH uses cPanel.


I can upload from my computer thru SSH & I can download to my computer via SSH but can't figure out how to move from SSH to TCH via anything! I did manage to move a file from my old server to TCH by downloading it to my 'puter & uploading it to TCH so I'm not quite as dense as a black hole (but close). ;)


I've tried to connect through SmartFTP to the current server by plugging in the server's name, my account info and the port info (remember I have NO idea what I'm doing and have never done anything like this before). It seems to be trying to connect but I get "Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)..." time after time.


I see no way to tell SSH that I want to upload a file to TCH. The default setting is to my computer and I don't know enough to change it and if I did, wouldn't know what to change it to.


SOOO... can I download the entire "forums' folder which I think is 385.2kb according to the info on the SSH panel to my computer and then upload it to TCH? Is that the same as a full backup and would it work if it's not? If I can do that, can the gurus at TCH make it work?


Assuming I can do that, would the same work for the Photopost Gallery?


another if....


Because I'm on a very slow dialup, could someone else with SSH access my current server and download both files, then upload them to TCH? I realize what a risk that would be but if I can't get the files moved, I'll lose them anyway. :thumbup1:


Please remember I am "technically challenged" .........



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TCH has tried several times to move my site but has been thwarted! Apparently, they've had trouble connecting too. I'm probably not giving the right info or incomplete info and don't know enough to get what's needed...


Although, I just had a thought... is there some setting I can change? Permission mode for the forums is 755...does that make a difference?

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I connect to my current host via SSH.


I have SmartFTP to connect to my website housed at my ISP.


TCH uses cPanel.


You should be able to do what you want, but you maybe confused on the proper steps or what the programs actually do. SSH is a program (service) which allows you to physically connect your PC to the server where you web site is located. SmartFTP is a program that allows you to transfer files between your computer and another computer. cPanel is a general purpose program used to perform different tasks (programs) on the Host Server.


So, with the proper usernames and passwords etc., you should be able to do the following steps.

download files from old host to you PC

upload files from your PC to TCH (your website)


Now I don't use SmartFTP, but if you are currently using it on the old host it should be all you need cause it will work here on TCH.

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Can you login to your old host with ssh and then type the following command:


ftp www . yourdomain . com or ftp ip address in welcome letter

Remove the spaces between the dots


then it will ask for your username and you enter the one that was in your welcome letter then it askes for your password.


If you can connect that way then cd to the directory where your files are located and then type put filename and see if it will upload a file to tch.

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