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Has It Been That Long?

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As one who used to have to change hosting companys as frequently as I changed socks, I can't believe it's been 2 years (?) with TCH. Actually I've lost track. I can lose track because there aren't any of those little hallmark occasions that I can refer to. You know the occasions I mean - DOS attacks, servers down for days, problems with the telecom companies that "aren't the hosting company's fault."


I heartily endorse TCH, carry it's web hosting info on my website, and refer people whenever possible. In this age of shoddy customer service, outsourcing overseas for support, and inflationary prices, it is such a joy to get a fairly priced - I mean really fairly priced, reliable hosting company.


Not only that, but Bill is a hands on guy, which in my book, is the cornerstone of a successful company.


Take a bow guys.


Best regards,

Laura M Collins

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