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Using Smarty (template/presentation Framework)


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1) Does the TCH servers are configured to support Smarty? (What is Smarty?)


2) How do I know where is the location of the Smarty libs? (I have tried with phpinfo but I didnt find anything.)


$this->compile_dir = 'c:/XXX/smarty/templates_c';

$this->cache_dir = 'c:/XXX/smarty/cache';



Thank you.

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I looked into this a long time ago and I believe the answers to your question are:


1- TCH servers can handle Smarty because it's a PHP templating engine and TCH servers run PHP. But Smarty is not something that is normally pre-installed on a server. You can open a ticket to request, but I have no guess as to what your odds are.


2- You can install Smarty on your server as any script and either use php_iniset() - I think that's the function - to set the default include directory or you can change other aspects of your code so the Smarty template engine code is called.

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