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Hey all,


I have been at TCH for one or two years now, gotta love a bit of TCH haven't you? These forums always seem a suitable place to ask about scripts and get some opinions from you crazy TCH minions.




My situation is thus: I wish to provide an online email system (similar to that of the likes of Hotmail, Gmail etc) but which utilises email address @ my domain name... for example, allowing users to create their own @ukhhf.co.uk email addresses and allow them to log in to a web based mailing system to send/receive etc.


I dont know if this is possible (I imagine it is) but most of all I don't know where to start.


My question is thus: Do any of you tech-savvy people know of any free (open source maybe) scripts that I can install (legally) on my TCH server space to allow users to log in and out, compose mail, maybe import pop mail too, have multiple folders etc? Like a web based version of outlook etc.


If so what do you recommend and why? I have seen a few about but really don't know what to be looking for, if i am indeed allowed to install this sort of script.


Nice one chappies




edit: yikes, did I post this in the wrong section? muchos apologies if so

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Remember the Gmail hosted solution is limited in number of accounts and is still in early beta testing stage. It may not be suitable for many applications.


I usually start looking for scripts at hotscripts.com - perhaps with the search term webmail. The yellow/gold colored ones are commercial, which you may require, and the grey ones are free scripts.


Happy hunting.

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Be warned that anything that happens within your web hosting space is your responsibilty. Allowing people to sign up and send email through your domain could be dangerous. Just playing devil's advocate here. Say someone signs up for an email address from you and then starts sending out email that is considered to be SPAM (it happens). Your account will be suspended.

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