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Streaming Audio/video


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So I'm about to venture into the streaming audio and video realm. I've been trying to research it as best I can, but I just haven't been able to find a definitive-enough source out there... At the rate I'm going, I may need to find a published book on the subject from B&N or Borders, but I'm trying to avoid that. Thus, I am turning to my family here at TCH. :)


- So here's the gist of it: I want to offer streaming a/v on my dedicated server. I'm pretty aware I need to have server-side support for this, so I need to know what that entails.


- I'm a little bit lacking on the HTML code neccessary to get streaming a/v working on the browser side, although I think I found most of it (Apple's website was a bit... well, useless to me, to get it working).


- I want to offer more than just Windows Media-based file formats to offer my users some flexibility. I was planning on using Windows, Real and Quicktime. Should I add to this list or drop one of them?


- I'm also lacking on what specific file formats will work for streaming a/v. I know you can stream using these three programs, but I don't know what formats (And for that matter, file extensions) they support.


- I'm unfamiliar in how to format the files to make them stream-ready. I believe Quicktime files require an actual modification to the file itself to enable it for streaming, but I think Real files don't need to be modified...


- I also need to know how to remaster the files so I can provide low-, medium- amd high-bandwidth solutions. If there's a way to do this in the streaming itself, that would be great.


- Last, but not least, I need to know what kind of performance I can expect to see on my server by offering this... If it will interfere with other functions, and how many concurrent users I could expect to support... Well, and knowing if a dedicated server at TCH can handle this as well.


Thanks for the help everyone. I know this is quite a bit and I hope I covered most of my bases. I am not concerned about bandwidth here, just on how to get it started. If we end up coming short on bandwidth, we'll work something out, but getting started in the first place would be nice.

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