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Does Anyone Know.....


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I was wondering if anyone knows how to turn off email that should be coming through...


I have 4 email accounts for my domain. Yet when you send an email to bob@anickocomputers.com

or john@anickocomputers.com i still get these emails even though they are not real email



Can i block emails that come through with an address i haven't set up? or am i stuck with this?


thanks for any help Thumbs Up

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go into your cpanel and click on default mail, then click set default mail, select your domain in the first drop down box, in the second box type in :blackhole: or :fail: No such address here. blackhole will make the messages just vanish, fail will make them bounce back to the sender saying no such address.

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And let me encourage you to use :blackhole: over :fail:. It is much cleaner and less prone to bouncing emails laying around in the mail queue. Many spammers use nonexistent email addresses so it's best just to delete the message and be done with it.

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