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just thought i would ask people , about "DROA" the domain registry service of america.

i got a posh looking letter off them, and their website was .com not a .org and they wanted my card details and wanted to double the reg fee im already paying!


what they obviosuly do i think is search WHOIS for domains near to expiry and email people. a right scam!! their site is droa.com like i say a .org i would of thought? i understand canada has snapped them away and the FTC in america have hit them?


and you get a letter like this



any more info on what this acually is all about?

i am registered with 1&1 (uk) for my domains and getting this seriously makes me wonder 'bout getting "domain masking" :clapping:


anyways what i guess im getting at do you think the UK Trading Standards will know about this (kind of like our FTC but not "police" as such)

i dont know if its worth informing them, dont know if they know...

the e-mail was posted from NYC i think, but they do have a UK office. so will it be in the trading standards juristriction to do anything?

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Spam spam spam. The effort to bring it up to anybody isn't really worth your time or expense. As long as you have registered domains, you will get those.


Some guidelines to live by:

1. Know who your registrar is

2. Know when your domains expire. Set them to auto-renew if you intend on keeping them.

3. Don't give your info to anyone that contacts you. If you have domain issues, contact your registrar yourself. (See #1)

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I got a call from them yesterday. I told the woman I maintain the domain names myself and wasn't giving her any information. Then I thanked her for the call and hung up. No need to stoop to their level.

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$25 per year is worse than a scam... it's highway robbery!


This kind of scam has been going on since Network Solutions got competition... from that time on there have been schemers trying to fool people into renewing with them.

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i have a very "nice" :( reply i have put in the reply envelope they supply and will post it over the weekend.. ^_^

ive checked out the offices, theyre in Kensington London, England (uk office)

and it looks to be in a residential area!

the adress is 56 ____ road, Suite 526


so a hotel perhaps??? or a flat?

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hehe ^_^ yeh what an idea

the only people i would renew my domain with are 1&1

i think i might pay the $8 and get domain masking so they cant WHOIS my details. you can WHOIS opt-out of any .uk domain but not .com (unless for a fee) :(

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