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Acne Medication (non Perscription) That Works?

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Hey guys and gals,


Anyone know of a good acne medication that is not a perscription?

I was thinking Proactive? Anyone ever used this and had good results?


As you may or may not know, because of military policy's I wont be allowed to take any perscription med's while in basic training / AIT at Fort Leonard Wood.


I have went through like every type of non-perscription acne cream / ointment on the walmart shelf and have not had very many noticable results. Havn't tried Proactive yet tho. =\


If I had known how big of a pest acne would be at this age, I would have not been in such a rush to hit 18! :)

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Have been through antibiotics, accutane, light box treatments and many things throughout my life for acne.

Luckily, I have no scarring! But I still have very fair skin that is affected by stress and hormone changes. For years I have been away from prescriptions and I keep it mainly under control with Neutrogena products that seem far less harsh than many I have tried.


I have never used ProActive but someone I work with did and did not like the results.

But every person is different. You might like it.


You might try the Neutrogena Advanced solutions:

"This system contains 3 products that work differently, but together help shut down the acne cycle. With salicylic acid to unclog pores, benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria and a day lotion to soothe and protect skin"


Best results are achieved:

-Keep skin CLEAN morning and evening! Don't go to bed without washing your face!

- Drink lots of water. Hydration is very important

- Changing pillow case OFTEN can make a world of difference.

- Most important: Don't touch your face!!! That means don't rest your head in hands, place chin in hands, keep phone or other equipment away from chin when at all possible. By the way SWEAT is GREAT for your skin!!! It naturally flushes your pores!!! DON'T rub grime into your face. Pat if you need to wipe away sweat or dirt but do not rub as it pushes the crud into the pores causing a clog making it harder for ANY ointment, topical cleaner or medication to work.



Good Luck!

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Thanks Samantha, I will give it a try if I can find it locally, if not I will order it off the net.


Luckily I do not have scarring yet, but I always have bumps on my face, and it gets extremely annoying.


Sweat, I will be getting plenty of that when I go to basic lol.


Water, won't be too hard - my doctor put me on a water / baked food (no sodium) diet to get my blood preasure down before I can sign my contract with the army in june.


Thanks for all the tips.

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LOL....that's why I made the comment about the sweat!


Remember that irritated skin will break out easier and take more time to heal! Harsh products are NOT better for your skin than gentle ones. They can actually make the problem worse, stepping up the cycle.


The only other tip I can give you:

NEOSPORIN, with pain relief is your FRIEND for acne that is overly tender/sensitive. Antibacterial and soothing, it helps to heal inflamation MUCH faster than without! Wash face, use regular day or night lotion, then on the area that is inflammed or hurting, dab Neosporin on it (pat excess off with tissue). Very effective at night, but can be done in the day too. I use the ointment when necessary and it's equally good on a torn cuticle that stings!

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If you can't find anything before you get there, check with the base doctor and see if he can give you anything. I'm sure you're not the first recruit with acne and they are used to dealing with stuff like that.

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