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Upgrading To Semi-dedicated

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I currently have a number of shared accounts with TCH. One of these accounts frequently exceeds the 50GB/month limit, and more importantly has been crashing the server due to excessive mySQL load (thanks to a very active phpBB forum). I'm considering upgrading to a semi-dedicated server.


Given the mySQL load problems, is it likely that going from a shared host with a few GB of RAM to a semi-dedicated wtih 512MB or RAM will be enough?


How easy is the transition from shared to semi-dedicated? Will you move my files/databases or is that my responsibility?





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I can't answer the performance question. I'm sure somebody else will; however, I'll venture a guess that because the ram is dedicated to you, you'll have a significant performance increase. But I'm sure somebody will be along to address that for you.


As for the transfer, the help desk can transfer the files seamlessly for you. You may need to adjust your nameservers (depending on where your new accoun is), but other than that, there won't be any trouble.


If you are going to have to adjust your nameservers, I'd recommend that you temporary close the board on the old server. As soon as you have the new server up and running, you can re-open the board there. Then while non-updated users are hitting the old, disabled board, they won't lose their posts. When the users whose DNS has been updated hit the new server, they can continue posting to the forum.


Best wishes in your account upgrade!! :goof:

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If you are crashing a shared server you will most likely crash a semi-dedicated server as well. It is a simple request to upgrade by opening a ticket with the help desk.


I would start to consider upgrading to a dedicated server if your forum continues to grow.

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