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Lesson 3 Of A Series

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A Few More Facts About PHP


1. An expression is one or more of the smallest "building blocks of PHP (a variable, a constant, a function).

It is a "phrase", so to speak...only part of the whole "sentence".

2. A statement is the whole "sentence"...one or more expression(s), ending with a semicolon.

3. Curly braces are used to enclose a block of statements.

4. Comments are great for making notes on your script. The following are the different types supported

by PHP:

>/*  Multiline
comments; cannot be nested */
# This is a single line comment
//This is also a single line comment



That's the end of Lesson3. This one was very short and sweet! However, I wanted to donate an entire

lesson on understanding variables...which is what will come in the next lesson. Understanding the different

aspects of PHP is very important, though. I summarized as best as I could, but if anyone can make the

above information any clearer...feel free. Once again, all material covered came from the "PHP 4 Bible" by Converse and Park.

Look for Lesson4 soon!!

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