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Favorite Php Scripts At Tch


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Please share a list of some of you favorite scripts, and why you like them. If you can, please include a link to the site.


Let me go ahead and get these out of the way so we can move on to less-well-known scripts.


All Time Greats

1- Invision Board

2- phpBB

3- phpMyAdmin

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Well, surefire has already put down the most important, I guess... the only one more important that I know is my own content managment system... :D


Anyway, here's something usefull: link removed

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Borfast, that link I followed from your post seems to just give the xml code. Maybe their site is having problems right now.


I was curious to see what it would do... I've seen your posts and get the sense that you're an expert php-er.

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Surefire, the link seems fine from here :D :(


Maybe there's some problem with your browser accepting redirections, or something. I think he's using some kind of redirection, there. Not sure, though, haven't investigated it.


Try this one instead: link removed


Or you can also try going in from the main page: link removed

Just follow the "PHP" link on the top of the page and then you'll see three other links. The middle one is for PHP Shell.


And no, I'm no PHP expert. Perhaps experienced (I've been working with PHP for about 5 or 6 years) but not an expert. :)

I just like to experiment a lot and play with my ideas to see what I can do, where I can get.

But I'm no genius in any way. ;)

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