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3 Months In...

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I started my TCH account about 3 months ago with the expectation of nothing. I assumed there would be my server, alotted space, and super-basic setup instructions. This wouldn't have been too bad as I was just setting up a personal domain for fun and experience.


I must say I have been throroughly shocked. Once I signed up and poked around a bit with cPanel there were toys (install scripts) that I didn't expect, and my server hasn't crashed once.


THEN came the joys since then: more bandwidth, more space, Ruby (still haven't used it, but I will), Fantastico (even MORE scripts to play with), and a great, friendly, and helpful support family. I will say that even if the new/fun features hadn't been added I would still be here due to the personal level of support and friendship in the forums.


I find it rare that a company anywhere can provide great service, features, AND a personal environment. :)


I'm glad one of my buddies referred me to this organization.


Now I'm off to find tutorials and see if I can figure out what some of these scripts use.

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Thanks for the nice review. We are gald you are happy.


When you are looking for tutorials for the scripts included in cPanel and Fantastico don't forget to use Google. I usually find what I am looking for with it. Also check out the scripts developer site. Most of them have support forums for their scripts and you can find a wealth of information there. And as always if you get stuck the TCH forum is always ready to lend a helping hand trying to get you back on track.

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Lovely comments! Love to hear when someone is enjoying the TCH experience! :blink:

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