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Info On Tch Secure Certificates?

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I've got my secure certificate (Through TCH) and OScommerce shopping cart all set up securely, but I want to include more information about the whole set up to my site visitors.


My questions are:

1. Through what authority does TCH offer secure certificates? Do you resell them from Verisign?

2. Who regulates certificate security?

3.What is my (and my shoppers') assurance that the certificate is, indeed secure (beside what a browser may return as an error)?

4. Any other information you can provide would be appreciated.


I spent some time searching the web for these answers, to no avail.






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First, let me welcome you to the TCH forums and the TCH family. I'm glad you've found the forums, and hope you find the answer to this and future questions here.


As for your specific questions regarding SSL certs, I would do one of the following:


(1) open a help desk ticket. SSL certificates are a server-related issue, and the help desk is always the best place to discuss server-related and account-related questions.


(2) you could always PM or IM one of the RED colored staff members you see at the bottom of the forums. I know from personal experience that both Head Guru and TCH Tim are very open to customers contacting them via AIM. I've contacted both. Other staff members are also open to having you contact them. That is why they give you their AIM addresses. (What other company gives you the AIM account of the owner -- the AIM account that he's on almost all day?!?!)


Anyway, I hope you find the answers to your questions. Best wishes, and again, welcome to the forums and family.

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Welcome to the forum Kristin,


As with regard to your questions, a red member of staff or a support ticket is your best bet.


for point 3, the most important part surely must be the fact that a padlock will appear in the browser at the bottom hand of the screen. Clicking on this will ID the site and the certificate to be authentic and that it is indeed secure.



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OK, I hovered over the padlock (Thanks Jim) and found that AddTrust is the company that currently issues the secure certificates for TCH. I created a security statement that includes AddTrust's info, TCH info and Mozilla/Netscape's certificate authority information on my shopping cart page. This should cover it. Curious that this isn't on the FAQs . Aren't more people interested in security? (Rhetorical question).

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