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Problems With Windows / Ie6

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If you read the subject and thought "Linux" or "Firefox" then this post is for you. :)


This is just a gentle admonition that I wish I could make to the entire world, but since I have seen it several times here I thought I'd mention it in the forums.


Many times, it seems more often here recently, people have asked about Windows or Internet Explorer(IE) problems they have had and they get a reply of "Just switch to Firefox" or "Move to Linux".


There are three possibilities:

1. They have a specific reason (work for ex) they have to use Windows or IE.

2. They have never heard of the alternative solutions and can handle using them.

3. They have never heard of the alternative solutions and can't handle the techno-geek stuff.


Case 2 is pretty rare. Anyone techno-geek enough to handle them has probably heard of them.


Case 3 is the case a lot of the time. If someone is just trying to get a website to work or install their Ipod they probably can't handle the other possibilities yet. Let them grow a little and they'll hear about the other stuff as time goes on.


Case 1 is probably the equal in size to Case 3 - people have to use Windows at work or they have a program they need to use (I have one for making membership cards for my martial arts school that's Windows only and my bank won't talk to Firefox) and they don't have a choice.


Why did I write this? Just as a gentle reminder to everyone who's knee-jerk reaction is to say "Switch to XXX" without trying to help the person within the confines of their problem. No one is wrong, but we should probably help them with the junky program they are using first and then nudge them toward the "better solution" after their crisis is over.


:clapping: Peace & love.

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I was just thinking about those funny commercials that compare the PC to the Mac. I like the one when the guy representing the PC has a virus and crashes. *ttp://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/


Funny thing is though. I update my computer and virus definitions, and havent had a virus that I can remember.

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Too true Deverill. There is always a reason why things behave the way they do...even for Micro$oft. While it's not always apparant why, it's nice to be able to look back to "so-and-so had that problem" or "I saw something like this in TCH's forums a while back" and, using the vast resources of the forums, techs, mods, and family members here, solve the issue.



THEN go out and get the better product! :clapping:

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Some people are afraid of change and can not conceive of learning a new browsing environment.


One gentleman I have worked with for several years used AOL's 5.0 browser (not IE) until his machine failed this spring! He wanted to install the same one on his new machine and was absolutely mortified when I told him that he must update! He learned things one way and the idea of any change to that routine was a nightmare for him. Though I explained that he could see and do more using a different browser he had no interest, even for basic browsing (without getting into the techy stuff). Giving him assistance over the years has always been limited to the software he has, to remain in his comfort zone, with exception for the addition of spyware/adware software.

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When my grandparents first got on the Internet about two years ago my mom gave them AOL. It took forever for them to learn how to use a mouse much less get into the different browser options and so on. They're happy with it so there's no point in trying to get them to change. If you don't know that the grass is greener on the other side, what difference does it make?


On the flip side, when I set the g/f's parents up with high speed last year I started them straight out on FF. They don't know about IE or the AOL browser, and FF works for everything they need, so there's no discussion.


Just like politics, browser change happens on the local level. Change those you can, leave the rest alone. I agree that answering "just use FF" to an IE question is a little unhelpful.

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If you don't know that the grass is greener on the other side, what difference does it make?


And even if you have been told that the grass is greener, if you don't care, what difference does it make?


When assistance is given without negative judgement or insulting the current software, an additional polite suggestion to look at better alternatives is far more likely to be considered. :)

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I agree that help should be given to those having a problem instead of just saying switch to something else. I'm probably even guilty of it myself.


But like Tim's family switch I did the same with my parents when we gave them a new computer. Since I am the one they come to when they have problems I am making them use what I feel to be a safer alternative. They are not as computer literate as I would like them to be and I know I'll never get them to that point. When I switched broswers on them they questioned my reasoning and I explained the why's and what for's to them and showed them how to use it. I also tossed out their Outlook Express for Thunderbird. And I even removed any links to IE and OE so they couldn't be launched accidentally.

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