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Hi, I am looking for a new host, and I have a few questions about TotalChoice.


1. Do you outsource any support?


2. One reason I am looking for a host is because after my present host was acquired by a larger company, they switched us to "new" IPs, some of which it turned out already had a history of being constantly blacklisted for spam, so now I have my e-mails being treated as spam. Ugh. So anyway, that leads me to ask--has such blacklisting been a significant problem here in the past? As far as you are aware, do you currently have servers on major (public) spam blacklists? (It's not like I'm not crossing you off my list or anything if you do--obviously you have a lot of servers, and I understand sometimes IPs can get blacklisted temporarily despite the best efforts of a host--but I'd just like to know.)


3. Can you give me some ballpark idea of what range of loads you would generally consider acceptable on your servers?


4. This is really a general question about switching hosts (I've never had to switch before), not specific to TotalChoice: if I move my account here, what will happen to my e-mail during DNS propagation?


Thanks very much for your help! :group:

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Welcome to the forums Darcy,


1. Support is in house


2. None of our servers the servers are blacklisted. When they happen to get listed it is taken care of rapidly.


3. Someone else will have to answer this one.


4. Your email will either hit your new hosting mailbox or your current mailbox until propagation has completed. You should be able to access both by their IP number until propagation has completed.

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Welcome to the forums Darcy.


3. We closely monitor our shared servers to make sure no one user is hogging all the resources and ruining the party for everyone else. There isn't really a concrete "this is how far we'll let you go before we shut you off" number as there are several factors involved in making that decision. It's not a problem for most responsible people as our servers are pretty sturdy machines.


Of course, if you get a dedicated server you can beat it up as much as you want.


Is this a problem you have had at a previous host or are you asking out of curiousity? Maybe if you give us a little more insight to what you are doing and how much traffic you expect to get we can help you out a little better.

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Welcome to the forums Darcy :group:


For e-mail, before you switch

you can forward all your accounts on your current host to your ISP e-mail or gmail.

That way as propagation takes place, you will still get all your e-mail.


Please let us know what else you need.

We are like family here, helping each other.

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Thank you very much for the welcome and for your answers Bruce, Tim, and Don!


On the server load question, I probably wasn't clear: I'm not actually worried about how much I would be allowed to hog server resources--I would have to be considerably more successful than I am before that would even begin to be a problem. :group: It's just that I know some "budget" hosts will basically load up servers with as many accounts as possible and then pretty much let things go, so I was just trying, in a roundabout way I guess, to get a feel for how you manage your servers.

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Welcome to the Forums! tch_welsign.gif


When we moved our corporate site to TCH, my boss said it has to be too good to be true...too many options and low cost....I was told to keep an eye on the account and move it at any sign of problem. That's three years ago and its just getting better! :D


TCH has a no-tolerance policy on SPAM, WAREZ and other nasties (so keep your scripts up to date!). This helps to protect ALL of us on the servers, keeping them healthy, and running smoothly.


Hope you decide to choose Total Choice Hosting. I deal with other hosts (because I must :group:) and TCH is by far the best of the lot!

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I've been here since 03 and what Tim says is true. They definitely don't overload the servers... they keep them very light if you ask me, and they do upgrade if need be... and sometimes just to be nice. :) You won't have to worry about server grunge - they also monitor them all and will notice if someone is not playing nice on your server and deal with it immediately.


Welcome to the forums and hopefully to the family - you'll love it here.

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Darcy, welcome to the forums!


As a longtime customer, I have seen TCH upgrade their servers in several ways. They've added more RAM, even upgraded complete machines with RAID1 redundant disk. Recently, they added more diskspace and bandwidth to virtual accounts, and are in the process of adding the same to the reseller accounts. They have also brought in Fantastico and are in process of rolling out Ruby on Rails.


Personally, I wouldn't call TCH a "budget host" (although their prices are certainly low for everything you get - including some of the best support you'll find in the webhosting industry). TCH outshines many hosts who are even more expensive. Good luck on your search for another host, however I think you'll find that TCH would be the perfect place to call home.

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Thanks for the welcome, everyone. This is certainly a friendly place! Anyway, I like what I see, so I've signed up. See you all around the forums. :)


There are some great resources in the people that use these forums. I think you will be very pleased with your choice.


Welcome to the TCH family and forums Darcy!

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Darcy I was looking for a hosting company about 4 years ago when I got my site taken down when the hosting company went to the wall, had my money and everyone elses and bolted. There was a big deal about that company at the time and I think it was going to a class action as well against the person. After many hours scouring, reading, asking questions, lookign at wesites that list "Hosting Companies That Suck", I came across TCH. Browsed around in the forums looked at the input and noticed this Guy Bill Kish Hed Guru. Conversed with him for a while, explained what was going on and during this found out I was actually talking to the man who owns the business.


This has only happened once before, being able to converse with the Head of the Company and that happens to be the Internet Service Provider that I am with for Broadband. He like Bill spends a lot of time making sure that his customers receive the best service that he can provide and at a price that is affordable to everyone. Might not be the cheapest, but hey, there has to be other things that you need to consider as well, besides price.


I haven't had one major complaint to speak of, and with the minor problems which have been extrememly rare, these problems have been resolved within a couple of hours at most of posting a support ticket.


I chat online occassionally to Bill Kish as he is very busy and would now count him among a small group of close friends I have met online. I have no hesitation is assisting him at all and have done in the past as he has for me as well. I must say well above the level I have ever encounter previously of any business person.


As long as you stick with Acceptable Use Polices and Acceptable content policies as well, you won't have a problem with TCH at all.


I certainly get enough for my needs and then some, and it is only getting bigger for all of us as the new servers have come online and increases to storage and bandwidth as well, without any cost increases.


I think that speaks for itself.


Look forward to seeing more of you in the forums.

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