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WS_FTP Question


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I know we are supposed to place the content in our Public_html folder, however when I connect to my site via FTP it always defaults to WWW. I have found myself uploading things into that directory several times. Is there a way to get it to open outside of the www directory? Like: one /home/c-panel name/ I would much rahter it open into my c-panel name directory. I have tried setting my WS_FTP up so it will and it doesn't seem to work.


Also, what it the purpose of the WWW directory? Seems to be a duplicate of the Public_html folder. Is the contents of the Public folder automatically mapped into WWW? I have had Public_html or WWW on other hosts, but never both so just wondering.


Thanks :)

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With WS_FTP you can set the Start In folder to whatever folder you want to start in. /home/yourcpanelname/ sounds like the setting you want. Make sure you check the box "save folder"


Think of ./WWW as a map of ./public_html since it is the same logical folder. Since some scripts look for www instead of public_html my guess is this setting is for compatibility with those scripts.

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In the version of WSFTP that I have, you must access the ADVANCED PROPERTIES to get to a tab that says STARTUP. Type in public_html in to the REMOTE SITE FOLDER field. Say ok, then be sure to SAVE your settings. From that point on, you will open within the public_html folder!


You can see a screen print of the WSFTP program settings for one of my TCH websites on this page: h**p://www.samisite.com/publish/using_ftp.htm


Note that I have used the /public_html and without the slash and both work.

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