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The "today I" Topic

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Well i started this on another forum and its very poplular, sorry if it should be in the games and fun area not general but im not sure...


anyways.... what have you been up to today, anything fun annoying, funny or otherwise?




Today I...


Have been on the phone to a Ticketline for a footbal game im going to on sunday, no tickets yet, it was a press ,2,3,5,3,6,4,6,5,3,6,# "im sorry we are returning you to the main menu affair, then i got to talk to a remotley helpful human :o


then i had to go to the post office, who simply gave me a number to ring :angry:


then i had to ring a train company (call center based in god knows where) where i could not understand much,

and my train jounrey has Changed all this without informing me first...


im really upset about being messed about :D


and later its work and "orange" (cell phone network) sell 2 for 1 cinema tickets for customers, they need a password, were always busy on a weds, but this time we have mission impossible 3 so it will be VERY busy. the password boxes crash all the time, so by 2200 tonight i will be in the mood to kill i bet!

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