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Policy Changes!

Head Guru

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TotalChoice listens to the customers.....


Please be advised the following changes to our AUP are taking place.


Effective Sunday June 21, 2003 , TCH will be loosening the knot on allowable sub-domain use.


The following AUP changes will take effect.


"You may not conduct hostee or offer free web hosting to people based on your subdomains."


will become


"Your subdomains are allowed to be used for any legal purpose. You may not sell the subdomain space to others, nor may you point other domain names to your subfolders. Sub-domains may not be used to host other domains"

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Not sure how this will effect me....haven't wanted to use subdomains yet but sounds like a useable added feature of my account! Thanks.



Hey Turtle,

Looks like you modified the avatar a bit. Looks cool!


(Wow...what a drop from advanced member to Newbie yet again... LOL)


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Oh yeah.... and I forgot to say that I'm really happy to hear about the AUP change.... that makes much more sense to me...but then again I may not be the best judge.....have you seen my Avatar? lol



I have seen your face,

and it does not look like your avatar :D


and I am glad about the new AUP too Thumbs Up

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Wow! woooot


Your dad done good!!! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up


It's terrific



Imad....you look a bit pale. Might consider getting a little sun... :D



WOOHOOO.... Not a Newbie. I'm a member again!!!


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turtle, i liked your new avatar when it showed up the other day.  and now that i've seen its source and know the story behind it, i like it even more.  it reminds me to slow down and smell the flowers.  thanks.


Wow, I have an animated turtle that sings that!

"You have to slow down, you move too fast, ...you have to smell the flowers......."

and the head moves and the beak lip syncs the song, its sound activated :D



Hey Singer, you have a really cool avatar too Thumbs Up

Edited by turtle
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