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Here's an interesting article that talks about evidence that Google's servers are full and their algorithms are not doing well at filtering out junk sites bringing the whole thing to a grinding halt.


Webmasters now report sites not being crawled for weeks, with Google SERPS (search engine results pages) returning old pages, and failing to return results for phrases that used to bear fruitful results.


"Some sites have lost 99 per cent of their indexed pages," reports one member of the Webmaster World forum. "Many cache dates go back to 2004 January." Others report long-extinct pages showing up as "Supplemental Results."


Things could get interesting soon...

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Check out this article


It appears that the quote in The Register article was taken out of context. Google is not full after all.


:Edited: For some reason the link isn't opening correctly. Try going to the site that appears in the address bar of your browser after you get the error.

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That second link is very interesting!

That one really does not like the Author of the first article! And based on his quotes, it appears he has reason for it!

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i have to admit, im sick of web junk, where you say here is a good example free ring-tones and your sent to a link site, which leads to a link site which leads to a link.. and then a premium rate phone number to get the tone.. er what!

we should be to nuke spammers and junk merchants :)

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I don't get the timing on this. The original article says they spent $345 million on new servers and then it says the quote by the chief executive that says the machines are full and there's a machine crisis.


Depending on the order of those two events it could be as bad as the "full" guy says or it could be as much a non-issue as the guy that has a personal vendetta against "full guy".


Either way, there's a lot of junk on Google, as Makaveli points out. Whether the machines are full or not - they are spewing junk mixed with good stuff. What's an honest web site developer, SEO person to do?


(I too get frustrated by the link to links to links problem. When I put in something I want info about it, not links to sites that may be about it.)

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I don't understand why they would have to erase their 8 million entry database to implement Big Daddy. That doesn't make sense to me.


There are some weird things happening to results lately though and some pretty big bungee bouncing in SERP position. Hopefully whatever the cause will get straightened out soon.


Maybe, contrary to James Robertson's assertions, Mr. Orlowski was right, although guilty of sensationalism. It is a pretty fair bet that the new monster computer was bought because Google was approaching non-optimal capacity ("full"), but maybe not soon enough to avoid the bottleneck and turbulent updates we are seeing now. They are not full now, but being nearly full in Feb is still having a ripple effect on us now.


Or maybe it's all just public relations magic.

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