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Connection Problem

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Ok... so the connection was stable for an hour last night. Then started having stutters....


This morning before coming into work, I had routing problems again.

Often timing out. Not just one site. Dragging, and when I could connect this is the result that shows up trying to get to two TCH sites:



C:\>tracert lambertusa.com

Tracing route to lambertusa.com []

over a maximum of 30 hops:


1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms

2 15 ms 7 ms 8 ms

3 28 ms 23 ms 17 ms []

4 11 ms 8 ms * p1-0.hsa2.orl1.bbnplanet.net []

5 9 ms 8 ms 11 ms ge-5-0-0.mp2.Orlando1.Level3.net []

6 63 ms 54 ms * ae-0-0.bbr2.Denver1.Level3.net []

7 * 53 ms * so-9-0.hsa1.Denver1.Level3.net []

8 63 ms 53 ms 53 ms

9 54 ms 56 ms 55 ms core-b.v33.ge-4-5.Level3.edge3.data393.net []

10 56 ms * 60 ms rtr-dc-dist-b.v12.colo.data393.net []

11 55 ms 55 ms 56 ms ge-0-3-89.denver.wehostwebsites.com []

12 55 ms 60 ms 58 ms


Trace complete.



C:\>tracert totalchoicehosting.com

Tracing route to totalchoicehosting.com []

over a maximum of 30 hops:


1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms

2 * 21 ms 7 ms

3 * 17 ms 7 ms []

4 8 ms 8 ms 9 ms p1-0.hsa2.orl1.bbnplanet.net []

5 * 9 ms 8 ms ge-5-0-0.mp2.Orlando1.Level3.net []

6 53 ms 54 ms 54 ms as-0-0.bbr1.Denver1.Level3.net []

7 55 ms 59 ms 54 ms so-9-0.hsa1.Denver1.Level3.net []

8 69 ms 55 ms 55 ms

9 130 ms * 56 ms core-a.v32.ge-4-5.Level3.edge3.data393.net []

10 * 62 ms 59 ms rtr-dc-dist-a.v14.colo.data393.net []

11 62 ms 61 ms * ge-0-3-89.denver.wehostwebsites.com []

12 56 ms 55 ms 72 ms server1.totalchoicehosting.com []


Trace complete.




Please don't tell me to call cable company.... ... :)

Yes, I have reset the cable modem! LOL

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Well from the 2 tracerts you posted you are reaching your destinations and the times for each hop are not bad.


What you are looking for in a tracert is a couple lines that do not complete, looks like...


7 * * *

8 * * *



since you are reaching your destination there is not much we can suggest.

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I get similar results to yours for both sites, including a couple of drop outs. I don't see anything unusual in any of the 4 results I've looked at.


You might also try the Auto Start link on myspeed.com


That tests your upload and download speeds.

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are you having "routing" or "connection" problems? These are two separate issue and you use different tools and steps in troubleshooting these problems. A tracert is used for "routing" problems and the program needs a connection to the internet to work. If you have a connection problem and can't connect, you don't use tracert.

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I have had BOTH routing AND connection problems.


1) Sometimes can't get on at all or if I do, I can't stay on. Last night I could get on just fine. And stayed on for more than on hour with no problem.


2) Sometimes when I can get on, certain sites are giving me fits not loading, bombing out. Two TCH sites were causing me headaches especially. Unfortunately, most of the time from home in the last couple days I am dropping out, getting NO result, timing out somewhere between hop 3 and 30. Most often gets stuck in denver (hop 6 or 7) and bombs out.

Those two tracert I FINALLY did load the page so thought I might post it. From at the office I have no problem at all. Always from home, within the last week....


This has all been within the last week. Prior to that time, I did not have an issue. It is not related to any software/hardware changes on my side. I know it is NOT related to TCH as I can get into TCH sites from anywhere BUT home!


Will contact cable company tonight when I get home and start the "Please Hold" merry-go-round. :)

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I would suspect from your description its not a routing problem but a connection problem which is dropping signals and it is happening between hop 6-7 just by chance.


Now the reason maybe difficult and will more than likely not be in your hands. I would start with the cable company and follow THEIR script :) , do not confuse them with all the information in advance. Start off slow and just tell them you are having connection problems. When they tell you to turn off the computer tell them "btdt", turn off the modem, btdt...you will eventually work their way down the script and get to the point where they will need to send out a tech to your house...IN TWO WEEKS :P


Good luck and hope I am wrong and they can fix you up quicker.

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Didn't have to call cable company afterall (whew!). But when and if I do in the future, I will definitely heed the advice:

"do not confuse them with all the information in advance"

You are right! Stick with the script and allow them to check off the box as they get to it. :D

So much for getting to the bottom line.


Knock on wood....So far tonight all is loading well on all fronts...

My Gmail account has not been able to load for since Monday night....but tonight....no problem! :) :) :dance: :dance:


(Knowing that the problem was not TCH related, as I mentioned earlier, I should have posted a tracert to the Gmail site. I visit these more often than I do Gmail so they were on my mind when I did the trace.)


Thanks for the comments and review! Consider it closed! :)

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  • 5 months later...

Sorry to bring up an old thread, thought it'd be better than posting a new one abou the same issue. Head Guru - when you say "peering issue" what exactly do you mean? Here's my tracert to one of my sites:

>C:\Documents and Settings\Caleb Shiffer>tracert ifitsbrownitsdown.org

Tracing route to ifitsbrownitsdown.org []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

 1	 3 ms	 3 ms	 2 ms
 2	 5 ms	 7 ms	 7 ms
 3	 7 ms	 7 ms	 7 ms  P11-1.LCR-02.PHLAPA.verizon-gni.net [
 4	10 ms	 9 ms	 9 ms
 5	10 ms	 9 ms	 9 ms  POS2-0.GW1.PHL16.ALTER.NET []
 6	10 ms	 9 ms	 9 ms  0.so-3-0-0.CL1.PHL6.ALTER.NET []
 7	12 ms	12 ms	12 ms  0.so-4-2-0.XL1.DCA5.ALTER.NET []
 8	10 ms	12 ms	12 ms  0.so-6-0-0.BR1.DCA5.ALTER.NET []
 9	12 ms	12 ms	12 ms  cpr1-pos-6-2.VirginiaEquinix.savvis.net [208.173
10	13 ms	14 ms	14 ms  bcs2-so-5-0-0.Washington.savvis.net [206.24.238.
11	15 ms	14 ms	14 ms  bcs1-so-7-0-0.Washington.savvis.net [204.70.192.
12	33 ms	34 ms	32 ms  dcr1-so-0-3-0.Chicago.savvis.net []

13   278 ms   282 ms   279 ms  dcr2-so-2-0-0.Denver.savvis.net []

14   238 ms   237 ms   237 ms  ge-0-2-88.denver.wehostwebsites.com [208.172.163
15	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
16	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
17	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
18	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
19	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
20	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
21	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
22	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
23	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
24	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
25	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
26	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
27	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
28	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
29	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.
30	 *		*		*	 Request timed out.

Trace complete.


I can't get to any of the sites I have hosted here.

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There seems to be a huge increase in time from hop 12 and 13.

It´s probably just an routing issuel, but open a ticket with the help desk ticket and see if they can see any problems on their end.


If this is a domain from one of your earlier posts, lebshiff.com, it is working fine from Sweden.

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This doesn't necessarily have to do with bad hops, but this topic seemed close enough to avoid creating a new topic. I'm having trouble connecting to cpanel for my site. I don't seem to have any problem at all accessing the site's web pages, but when I try to get to cpanel, more often than not, I can't connect. Then, when I do connect, I'll be able to navigate through a few stages -- say to the file manager, then through a couple of subdirectories, before it starts hanging again.


I'm on server 386 for what it's worth. Before submitting a ticket, I thought I'd ask if maybe there were issues with TCH connectivity generally that might clear up if I just wait a couple of days.


Thanks for any help.

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Are you using Firefox? Sometimes for some people FF will hang in cPanel. Don't know why, but it does.


Yes I am. It hadn't even occurred to me as a potential issue. I'll try (blech) IE. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Yes I am. It hadn't even occurred to me as a potential issue. I'll try (blech) IE. Thanks for the suggestion.


No better luck with Internet Explorer. Guess I'll add a ticket when I get the time.

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