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Beta Testers Wanted


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I told you we were working on a solution for cPanel themes, and we are. We are looking for not only a theme that looks pretty, but a whole new skin with added functionality that will bring more value to our hosting packages.


One of the solutions that we are ready to start beta testing is called cPanel XP. It has a host of useful features including news flashes from us regarding server upgrades/downtime or whatever else we want, the ability for us to add custom links and scripts, and a whole host of other fun stuff. We are still thinking up ways that we'd like to customize cPanel, and we feel the best way to do that is to jump in and start doing it.


So, here's what I need: Five (5) brave volunteers to give up their simple and boring x theme to embark on a crazy cPanel skin beta testing adventure. We will install the skin on your account and make all kinds of changes to it, seeing what works and what doesn't. You will use the skin and help us improve it by posting feedback both to us and to this forum so that all can see the progress. There is no timetable for how long we expect the beta period to last, but we would like to start it ASAP.


If you are interested, please post such here. I will pick 5 from the list and we'll get started.

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I would like to take part in this beta test. However, I do not use very many of the cpanel options, even though I use CPanel daily.

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Don't use as many features as some do, but would still like to toss in my personal site as a testing ground. That's how the site got started in the first place...

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I'd be happy to test it out. :)


Note that I am fairly new to web hosting, so don't have too much experience with cpanel (if that's what you're looking for in a beta-tester). I am, however, a geek-ish kind of person... so I tend to explore every option and try things out (and reinstalling my computer if I accidentally destroys it, LOL!).

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Here are my initial reactions to CPanel XP 2004


(Disclaimer: I am NOT a beta tester at this time; I just visited the demo site on my own)



- Ability to receive important messages from the hosting company.

- Flash tutorials!

- Clear, large tool tips explaining what each menu item does

- Ability to manage multiple accounts from one location (if this applies)

- Direct link to billing information

- Direct link to Submit a Support Ticket (Easy to submit a ticket, see below)

- Branding, resellers may like this one

- MyCPanel settings

. - CPanel notes so we can save notes/reminders/whatever in the same place we may need the info

. - Tool Tips on or off

. - Communications Center looks great but how can you top the TCH forums?

- Integration with Forums (PhpBB is listed, no mention of IPB though)

- Multi-Language (even though I would only use one language)



- Slightly slower loading, lots of graphics, on initial page load

- Larger pages (spread out) with less information in the same space as CPanel X

- Direct link to Submit a Support Ticket (maybe it's TOO easy to submit a ticket? see above)

- Some sections, like under MyCpanel settings, lack the normally ever-present 'Go Back' button (MyCPanel button does the same thing though)

- No "Advanced User" mode, that I can see, with fewer, smaller or no graphics. However, this may be the lack of themes in the demo I tried.


Overall it looks great especially for new users/accounts as it tells you a bit more information than other skins. Plus the ability for the hosting company to send all users special notices looks like a very good thing for anyone, new or experienced.


I look forward to hearing from the folks who use it on a real site.

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We have taken a initial look at CPanel XP 2004 and it will not be installed on TCH servers. At this time we are looking into several other options and as promised we will select several of you to test them.

Once we are ready to move forward you will be contacted and provided access to our testing forum.

From there its simple, we set it up then you use it and abuse it.

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If you're still lookin' for folks, I'd be more than willing :wallbash: It would have to be on SMF account, since I've got others on my PD one (sub-domain hosting)

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