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Img Tag And Border Colors


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Hello, I have a question. At first I thought that I could easily make this happen, but it turned out to be more difficult than i thought.


I am simply trying to make all img borders to be a certain color in css. So I found the way you put img with attributes in css, and even do the hover highlight.


The problem is that the images bottom borders do not change, but the right, left sides and the top do. The bottoms stay the typical IE link blue?


Does anyone have any snipets or solutions for this in css?


Thanks for your time

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It sounds as if the bottom border you're seeing is the standard link underline. Try adding to your css something like


a { text-decoration:none; }


If that's not it, can you post a code snippet or a link to the code?

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Can you give us a link to the page where this happens? Sometimes seeing can bring other ideas too or help diagnose

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