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Invision Problems


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Right, so the people I made this website just informed of this.

http://www.brokenheroes.com/forum - I've removed it now.

What's happened is that http://xxxx.xxxx/adv782.php (don't click on it again unless you have good browser/anti-virus..) has suddenly become an iframe right and the top, but really small so you only notice if you're aware the forum's been hacked.


I searched google to see what other people have done as it's happened before, they say that it keeps reoccurring - ie. i've removed it now but it will probably be back soon.


I've logged into the admin CP on the invision board too and well someone/something has accessed my account as it's not my IP, I haven't logged into the CP for a few months and well didn't do what it said.


Mass emailed members (AND allow_admin_mails=1) Apr 22 2006, 02:25 PM - ip address: 2XX.XXX.171.X (if TCH think this is a risk puting the IP address just give me a heads up and i'll remove it!)

Either way, I can't see any mass email in my inbox but I'm gonna block the IP and reset the thing it's changed if I can find it.


It hasn't happened on my site PunkAhead.com but i use one of the very latest versions of Invision so basically just a heads up to everyone.

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[...]but i use one of the very latest versions of Invision [...]

If I were you, I'd either use the LATEST version of Invision (as opposed to ONE of the latest versions), or I'd switch to a forum software that releases free updates (like phpBB, SMF, etc.)


You'll find some great installations for these in Fantastico.


But in any case, thanks for the heads up!

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I removed that link so nobody would be tempted to click it. (An IE user would get slammed.) A quick Google search shows it's popped up here and there. Were you able to remove the code?


As always, best to keep patches up to date, and make sure you don't have any unsecure scripts anywhere on your server, not just within your forum software.

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I believe you are running the old "free" version of IPB which has many flaws and problems with it. I suggest that you either upgrade to the newest one (sorry you have to pay for it) or get hold of the latest versions of phpBB/SMF etc.





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v1.3.1 Final © 2003


That is nowhere near the latest version of Invision. That was the last free version. I am with the others. Either upgrade to the latest version or switch to a different forum software if you are not willing to pay for the latest Invision one.

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