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New Tch User Says Hello

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Hello TCH...


I signed up for hosting with TCH earlier this month (a reseller account) and have had a smooth transition with no problems. Other than the normal conversion differences (for example old host used cgi-local as opposed to cgi-bin and some other minor script changes) things are going well.


I have been spreading the word about TCH and this was a post I made on another unrelated forum from someone asking about hosting advice for Macintosh users:




I decided to switch hosting companies after being with Verio since 1998. Verio's pricing for adding additional new websites was too expensive with the other alternatives offered. Their service was excellent, but their multi-site offerings were not competitive.


After researching hosting companies, I decided to go with: Total Choice Hosting


They have relatively inexpensive hosting plans and I am in the process of moving several of my websites over to them from my prior host Verio.


Part of the consideration in selecting Total Choice was the cost per site, compatibility with scripting and special requirements of my existing sites, reliability, response of customer support, and other user's reviews. They also have an online forum for support where they respond very quickly and there is a lot of searchable information immediately online through the forum. Each hosting company will have various subtle differences in the way they implement hosting software and their user forum saved time in converting my sites by finding prior info on the problem and what the solution was (if you are designing a new site, you won't have any conversion problems). I have transferred 5 sites so far with minimal conversion problems.


I use Macintosh for design work and have rarely run into a problem with either my past or current host...




My other Verio hosting account is not up until November (I still have one site over there and will be moving that one soon)...

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