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PHP Settings and PHP Libraries Installed


Through multiple searches within the forum I have concluded that TCH servers are:


1: running GD PHP library


2: running cURL PHP library


3: PHP Settings for file_uploads is On


Would someone confirm that:


4. PHP Settings for magic_quotes_gpc is also On ?


Is there a place I can view all the settings in the php.ini file?


For a dedicated server, will I have access to the php.ini file (i.e. the ability to alter the settings)?


If requested, would I have the ability to have PHP 5.1.2 loaded (on a dedicated server)?


Thanks for any feedback,


D. Scott Demmin

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I believe you can get the phpinfo info you require from this help page


magic_quotes_gpc is on by default.


On a dedicated server you can have PHP5 installed as well as modify the php.ini file.


You can control some settings in your account via the .htaccess file to change the PHP behavior.

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