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Can I Put My Media Files Here?

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Can you host your media files (.mp3, .mpeg, .wmv, ect) here? Yes you can but only if you are the legal owner of that material and/or have permission from the author to use said material.


Any illegal files will result in TOS / AUP Violation and result in termination of account.

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Thats old law folks. Time to read about dmca.


If the material is copyrighted and you purchase the "rights" to the copy thats one thing. Simply owing a copy of "Stairway to Heaven" doesnt give you the ownership of that "right". It simply grants you 'use rights' Case law has shown time and time again, its perfectly legal to make a 'copy' of that awesome tune stairway to heaven as long as that copy remains in archival, on hand, in storage and in YOUR control, that is why the backup sites were so popular until 1998. Now you ask why 1998? Read the link -




Bottom line is - If you rip a dvd and upload it to your user space you have violated the US Copyright laws. Why? Its not within your reasonable rights as granted by the copyright. Further more, and this is the BIG ONE! Once you have uploaded it you have lost control of the "user right" therefore you have violated the copy right.


TCH spent some money a while back having a legal team define this.


So there it is!

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