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Moodle: Mails Not Sent

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I post a support ticket because my emails were bouncing as if "host not found". Support told me:



I have checked the mail server logs and found the following .


2006-04-21 18:41:02 1FX5FF-0002bQ-P8 ** milbany7@yahoo.com R=fail_remote_domains: unrouteable mail domain "yahoo.com"

2006-04-21 18:41:02 1FX5FF-0002bQ-P8 failed to expand condition "${perl{checkspam}}" for lookuphost router: Domain ecosur.org has exceeded the max emails per hour. Message discarded.


The log indicates that you have exceeded the maximum emails per hour limit. There are two limits that you have to consider. There is a limit of xx emails per hour from a domain. There is also a limit of xx emails per minutes. You can use batch email sending softwares like Dadamail for sending bulk emails.


I'm using Moodle in: www.campus.ecosur.org


I have about 150 students with 2 courses and at 17:00 (-5 GMT) an e-mail is sent to all users with the resume of the posts of the day.


Is there any chance, solution, workaround for the xxmails/minute? I have a Silver Plan (850 megs)


Thanks for your replies.






edited by tch-don

to remove the limit numbers

we do not want spammers to see the limits.

if anyone needs to know the limits, open a help desk ticket.

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We have the limit in place to prevent the abuse of our servers from those trying to spam and to those whose scripts were compromised doe to security problems. Unless specified by the helpdesk, and I do not hitnk they will be able to change anything, all shared accounts must comply to these rules. I do believe that a dedicated solution would be the only way around it if you are not willing to use something like Dada.


Wait for a response from the helpdesk just in case I am wrong on this.

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