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Kana Reminder And Few Others...

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I use Kana Reminder to remind myself all kinds of things to do - today, tomorrow, next week, next months,once a week,...

For example forbid G-D not to miss the best action show on earth, "24", every Monday at 9pm - I have a reminder pops up about 40 minutes before the show. the same with AmazingRace. (the rest stuff on TV is total crap). O yes, forgot to mention The American inventor. Delight to watch!


Another very useful program is MagicMap. I need to know the address of something, just fill in the phone number and voila, the map and the address.


WeatherWatcher gives all the time very accurate weather info and forecast. Light weight.


DeKnop - makes nice looking buttons.

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Huh? The Discovery Channel, Science Channel and History Channel are junk? Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that if you learn something from it then the show has purpose?


Just kidding of course, we all have our own opinions about what the TV is good for and what it isnt.


I will have to give Kana a look see.

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