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Link Validation Difficulties


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I've run my site through a couple of different html validators and come up with the inescapable fact that I have a bunch of links which are coming back as "forbidden" (Code 403). One validator tells me that the usual suspects are: a missing index.html or Overview.html, or a missing ACL. I haven't a clue what this means or what I should do about it.


I can see my web site and so can others. It all appears to "be there". But according to the validators, the images are not there because they're "forbidden" (Code 403). (The "links" the validators refer to are "links" to the images.)


I have my main page uploaded into the "PublicHtml" folder as "Index.html". Other pages are linked to it. The images are in a subfolder of "PublicHtml" labeled "Images". Why do I see the images and the html validators do not? Help please!



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Hi command


i had a look at your code and changed it a little:


see here: http://www.webalink.co.uk/command.htm


Just view source code and steal it :( ( right click - copy / paste )



You can even Place all the CSS in an external style sheet !

copy and paste all the stuff between: <style type="text/css"> blah blah </style>

Save it in a Txt only file and call it : css.css

Removing <style type="text/css"> + </style>


Then link to it using this:


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css.css">


Hope this helps..


Just play around with the code you will soon get the hang of it. Theres alot more you can do with your page and my code is by no means Perfect but its a start and im really tired and need sleep ;)





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What is <nobr> ??

It's used to prevent line breaks. If you had long strings of text and wanted to control exactly where the line breaks go, rather than letting the browser decide, you could use <nobr>.


Not part of any W3C standard, so browser support could be spotty.

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