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Space Problems

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my site (www.talonai.com) has recently experienced a strange problem. One day i received a letter...from my own email adress to my own email adress ,telling that my account has reached some 91% and I should remove some files or ask the administrator to add more space.

Initially I thought it was another "buy-****-rolex-replicas-visit-xxx" scam. Later I checked my TCH accont. Oh my God- it was really eaten up space and left me some 20 megs from existing 400. The problemas was, my site uses only 70 megabytes. Some 20 megabystes is used by another abandoned data that is not used. I have deleted unneccessery directories - no use. Still space problems. Deleted all unneeded emails (I have little of them sent and received). Still nothing.

Looked at disk usage - mail directory devours the most, some 300 megs. But it was almost empty. I have some 50 emails received and about 30 sent- no HTML pictures, no attachements, nothing! Cleaned up spam box- still nothing.

Then I used live chat. I told what was my problem and was asked to provide my site adress. I did so. The he support person (sorry,..forgot the name :( ) told my site was OK as it uses only ~90 megs. I switched back back to my CPanel - a miracle happened. 300 and more megs have changed within a minute or two to 90.

The only thing I cannot understand - how could this happen? Is it possible that my site which is not very popular, received 300 megabytes of spam? :) How should I ensure that this never happens again?

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I suggest you login into your CPANEL and make sure that your catchall is set to fail, unless you really want all email addresses to end up being sent to your main addresses.


Also, unless really needed, make sure that you have size limits on your mail boxes.


Once in a while, after doing some deleting, the server needs a second or two to catch up with itself and to report the right figures. As you found, by the time you had finished talking to the support guru, it was all cleared. If you have the same problem again, don't hestiate to start a support ticket and they shall take a look at it again for you.


I am glad everything is now ok for you



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