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Email Flood Control?


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What are the current limits set on flood control for outgoing mail?






PS: Group Mail has capability to use multiple simultaneous connections...I am only using a single connection though to keep me out of trouble. :)




Edit: TCH-Bruce - removed the limit talk

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Hi Lianna, You need to open a help desk ticket to get the limits I believe. They don't want to give the numbers out to spammers in this open forum.



Its been a long time Lianna, how you doing?


Thanks. I questioned whether to even post the question here...feel free to kill the topic if you want.



HEY! I'm so busy, so constantly that I can't see straight about 7/8 of the time. :eek: :lol:


Really, I'm good. No big complaints...just the usual little ones...too cold today, still need a 25th hour in each day. On the plus side, I'm grateful for everything that God has blessed me with, I love my family and they love me and I'm happy with my job(s). :)



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