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I just got an auction site up and running, and when I try to upload images, or point to images I have saved at various http locations, they show up as little boxes with red 'x's. I'm concerned it is because TCH dosn't support Image :: Magik - Any feedback would be very much appreciated!

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OK, i think i understand a little more clearly now, the page you gave us a link for isnt the page that is having the problems, that is the webpage where the images are stored and you are trying to link to them. when you put the URL to the picture from the other site it isnt working on the site you are creating. Is that it??


Well i thouhgt maybe hotlinking was blocked but it obviously isnt.


what is the URL of the page you are trying to get the pictures working on, not the URL of the page you are getting them from

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but would it be a waste of time to try and convert one of the URL's into html format instead of htm? I am only curious


OK, i think i know what the problem is now....i think, you are putting the URL of the picture in as an html document right?


go to the page that the picture is on, dont copy the address from the toolbar, right click on the picture and choose properties. That will show you the actual URL of the picture and thats what you want to put in as the image location.

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