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Who's Visiting My Site?


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I see some "strangers" are visiting my "family" web site. I'm curious as to who they are? I am considering locking the whole door but am not sure it's THAT necessary.


I'm VERY new at this and just want to know what others do and how you can know who is visiting your site. There is this LONG string of numbers with dashes, dots and a few letters. How can I tell what agency this is coming from. The one's that end in .gov are sort of creeping me out. BIG BROTHER???? Nah!!!! <kidding>


Anyway, I've read through the FAQ and done 4 to 5 separate searches in the forum can can't find a way to find what I am looking for. So, it's time to ask yet another "neophyte" ?.


Any link or method to looking up who's looking would be most appreciated.


Thanks Again!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the internet! They may be webots or spiders from search engines. It's good to be paranoid. About the only way you can determine who is visiting your site is by doing a lookup on the IP address. (If there are more ways, other people will chime in also!)


Do you have a listing (log file) of what specifically you are wondering about?

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I did a google for ip lookup and found out who it was. Now I am embarrassed! It was a Veterans home. Most of our family photos are of different wars so I guess he was searching for memories from a Veterans Home somewhere and found my website. My Dad was a snap happy soldier for his 1st career. I think I'l leave it open for all the soldiers.

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Veering slightly off topic, but if you find you want to look up IP addresses on a regular basis (which I think most website owners do) you can download Sam Spade for Windows.




It's free, and is a great way of quickly looking up IPs without using the website version that Madmanmcp recommended. It can also be used for traceroutes etc too.



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Thanks so much! As a mac user I've bookmarked the dnsstuff. Very Cool! Thanks Again! Learning a bit more each day! Now I need to watch the old vets and make sure they don't eat too much bandwidth. I may have to make my Dad his own website!

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