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Csb Container Page Question

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I am using CSB.5 and created a CSB container page is http://marketingforhealers.com/test/ dropping in my blog page.


The blog address is http://newmoonjournal.blogs.com/marketing/ way too long. I tried domain forwarding but that didn't work.


I created a header and side bar with CSB. When I am ready to launch I'll delete the header in the blog design.


When a blog post is archived it's given a unique address called a permalink. Now I see this permalink address is not seen in a CSB container page when a person clicks on the permalink button in the post.


I want to insert a 'web gem' to pick up that permalink address. When others want to trackback in their blogs I need a way show this permalink address.


Can I insert code to capture and show the permalink address? Or force the container page to open a new page when the permalink is clicked?


Or maybe there is a better way. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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Hi and welcome to the forum, sharedjourneys. :)


I don´t know any good solution to this. I use CSB myself but never played with container pages. The only thing I can think of is using an iframe to show your blog in. If you want you can see if they have another solution in the official CuteSite Builder forum or wait and see if someone else here knows. We have several CSB users, so the chance that someone knows is big. :)

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welcome to the forum, sharedjourneys :)

You can link to the iframe by giving it a name and using it as the target.


<iframe src="yourpage.html" name="myframe" width="250" height="250" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

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