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On the home page of my jensenconnection.com website, I have just added some of my more favorite quotes. It is set up so that everytime the page loads a new quote is shown.

When I look at the page source after it is loaded you cant tell that it is a php include. Does this help my page rank by making it look like the information has changed?

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Maybe I overlooked it, but I didn't see a "description" META tag in the source code. You should try adding one of them so that when Google or another engine crawls your site, they can make your search results look prettier.


<META name="description" content="Welcome to the Jensen Family website.">


Maybe add more to it than that. :)


Also, sometimes your quote appears blank. You should add an "if" statement in your PHP so that there is always a quote.


if ($quote=="") {


$quote = "Put some sort of fixed quote in here for when it turns out blank.";



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$arrTip = array();


$arrTip[1]="Make a tip.";

$arrTip[2]="Make a tip.";

$arrTip[3]="Make a tip.";

$arrTip[4]="Make a tip.";

$arrTip[5]="Make a tip.";

$arrTip[6]="Make a tip.";

$arrTip[7]="Make a tip.";

$arrTip[8]="Make a tip.";

$arrTip[9]="Make a tip.";

$arrTip[10]="Make a tip.";


$rand = rand(1,10);

// This will pick a random number between 1 and 10. Change the number "10" to however many tips you have.


$tip = $arrTip[$rand];


print $tip;




There's a short little script to get a random tip. Make sure the page is a .php page so that the code will work. If you intend on having hundreds of tips, it's best to just turn it into a MySQL database, although that should work fine.

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Hi wampthing.


U say youve set up a tip of the day script on your site ?


I dont suppose you could tell me where you got it from. as ive been searchng for a script like this for the last 24 hrs and cant seem to find a good one !





I got it from hotscripts. it is called randomquote. it has a simple interface where you can search your quotes, and add or delete them.

I searched all of the script files to find a link to the site, but was unble to find one... which is hard to believe. I think it is the one called randomquote.php, but their download page isnt working right now.

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